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Hakkında: Top Ace Development Limited
-----Team, Quality, Service

Our History
Our company is one of the largest architectural decoration material enterprises in South China. The brand "ACEBOND" is synonymous with the manufacturer and development of quality Aluminum Composite Panel, Metal Ceilings, Aluminum Solid Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel and Aluminum Sandwich Panel. In the year of 2000, our company was founded in Hong Kong and through manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Foshan now supplies products throughout the PRC and overseas.

Our company culture is "Team, Quality, Service', in order to do this ACEBOND responds to market forces by providing timely and cost effective solutions to our customers' requirements. Our commitment to this philosophy can be clearly seen with our recent investment in new manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Foshan, which now covers 50,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of over 3,000,000 square meters.

Producing quality products requires quality machinery. Therefore many of our more advanced machines are imported from Germany with GEMA and Ransburg spraying equipment from United States and Japan. Our commitment to quality is evident in our attaining ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certification, issued by quality experts SGS. In addition ACEBOND has received a 'Green indoor decoration material" certificate, and has been praised by customers for 'providing quality goods and customer services ' and also received a commendation from the China Building Material Enterprises Management Association. We are therefore confident that our design team will supply the best project for you.

ACEBOND Aluminum Composite Panel, Metal Ceilings and Curtain Wall systems have been used in airports, bullet train/metro stations, hospitals, exhibition centers and office buildings etc., Some of our more prestigious projects: Yangon International Airport, Harbin Taiping international airport, Pakistan Orange Line Metro Station, Singapore Metro Station, Tianjin Metro Station, Foshan West train Station, Shenzhen Metro Station, Hyundai 4S shops etc.

Our company has a worldwide reputation for good quality and good service. We keep on striving to improve customer technical services and product quality. We have complete confidence, therefore, that through our dedication we can serve our society better.

Our Product
Aluminum Composite Panel, Aluminum Ceiling, Aluminum Solid Panel, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

Product Application
Facades of buildings, interior wall cladding, false ceilings, and advertising stands, exhibition stands, signage panel, elevators, screen printing supports, various objects, decorations, marine boats, columns for service stations, public transport terminals.

Our Certificate
CE certificate and Test report for Aluminum Ceiling
SGS Test report for Aluminum Composite Panel
Intertek Test report for Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel
EN-13501-1 A2 Fireproof Test report for Aluminum Sandwich Panel
British 476 Test report for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel
AS1530.1 Test report for Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Production Equipment
4 lines of Aluminum Composite panel production line,
1 Ransburg automatic PVDF painting line from Japan,
1 Automatic aluminum honeycomb panel production line,
2 Spray powder coating and spray painting coat lines,
2 high speed laser perforation/carving machine,
Japan-Imported“Amanda”CNC punching press,
Automatic perforation and shaping production line of ceiling tiles and CNC bending machines etc.,

Representative projects
Yangon International Airport, Harbin Taiping international airport, Pakistan Orange Line Metro Station, Singapore Metro Station, Tianjin Metro Station, Foshan West train Station, Shenzhen Metro Station, Hyundai 4S shops etc.,

Our service
◆ Before Sales: Free sample and color matching if required. We can make it into real product by giving us a design/rendering with professional technical support.
◆ During Sales: Production schedule monitor and updating, timely communication and feedback, logistic service supporting.
◆ After Sales: 24 hour after-sale service. We provide 15 years warranty for the products with PPG PVDF Painting.wholesale PVDF Coated Aluminum Mesh Panel
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